via Peter Hobs

APOLOGIES to our loyal American fans and friends.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, and out of concern for the financial burden that this has placed on our organiser and ourselves, we announce that the HAOD tour, scheduled for Aug/Sept 2016 has been cancelled.

HAOD have unanimously reached this decision.
The plan is to reschedule the tour at a later stage.

Sincere respect to Nate Pellerin for his awesome efforts and organisation.

I’d like to also thank Charlie Koryn and Sam Osborne for their enthusiasm and willingness to be a part of HAOD.

And of course, thank you to Simon Wizen for his absolute professionalism, respect and support in reaching this decision.

I am so humbled and grateful to have the loyalty and respect of so many great people.

Sincere Regards,
Peter Hobbs XXX

Any advance tickets bought through ADVERSARY PRODUCTIONS will be refunded shortly.

The band started out in 1987 as a solo project of the band leader Peter Hobbs. The band played thrash metal in the Slayer vein but Hobbs himself referred to their style as “virgin metal” as he saw it as an untainted and pure form of metal. Their self-titled debut album was released in 1988 through Steamhammer Records. The band dissolved soon after the release but seven years later the band reformed to release their second album called “Inheritance” which was basically only distributed in Australia. A long period of silence followed until the band reformed once again in 2002. In July 2003, they signed a four album deal with the native label Modern Invasion Music.